Practice Areas

Real Estate

Real estate transactions are often prone to difficulty but it is our firm belief that those difficulties can be resolved without anxiety. Deaderick Law is here to assist with purchases, sales and refinancing of residential and commercial properties, offering a methodical approach with prompt preparation of closing documents and title commitments to ensure your transaction closes on schedule. As a fully staffed law firm, we are able to provide title curative assistance (unlike other title companies which lack in-house counsel) and often our curative measures are included without additional cost.

Order Title Work

Creditor Collection

In legal terms, “collection” refers to the recovery of funds due from one person or entity to another as documented in a contract, promissory note, or other promise to pay. Deaderick Law represents creditors (persons or entities) with a right to receive payment or other remedy from the debtor. Let our experience in debt collection help determine how best to move forward with procuring a remedy.

Estate Planning & Probate

Planning for the future is a necessary part of life. Whether protecting your family or if you own a business where succession of ownership is of concern, a trusted and experienced legal team is necessary to navigate such concerns. Our team assists in all matters of estate planning and probate administration and is adept at finding the best solution to your individual needs.

Deaderick Law has experience navigating the complex issues frequently involved in the setup of wills, trusts, estates, and probates. Your situation requires specialized legal experience and training which our team is ready to provide.

Our team is versed with the drafting of wills, health care proxy, power of attorney, living will, guardianship, distribution of assets, among many other things. Rest in peace knowing that Deaderick Law will find the best solution for your specific estate planning and probate needs.

Landlord Representation

Our team at Deaderick Law provides representation of landlords and property managers of residential and commercial real estate. Our team is versed in the filing of breach of lease and hold over cases. We also prepare the required notices before the suit for possession is filed and, when necessary, carry the case through to eviction of tenant and assist in the collection of amounts due from removed tenants.